All-Ireland Lymphoedema Conference November 2017

Norah Kyne, MISCP, Lymphoedema Therapist, Strive Clinic, Galway

The first All-Ireland Lymphoedema Conference was held in the tranquil setting of Dromantine Abbey, near Newry, Co. Down, on 15th November 2017. It was a cross border initiative between the HSE and NHS, Northern Ireland (Lymphoedema Network Northern Ireland), attended by senior managers from Health Planning, Performance and Project Management from both health areas, Mr Brian Murphy , HSE and Ms Michelle Tennyson, NHS, NI, and also the Co-Chair  of the International Lymphoedema Framework (ILF) Prof Christine Moffatt, of which the National Lymphoedema Framework Ireland is a branch member.

The conference was attended to full capacity, with the aims of sharing learning from setting up lymphoedema services, introducing the basis for developing the lymphoedema service in the HSE and offering an opportunity for those involved in lymphoedema management, to network and develop links with other services. Christine Moffatt presented on the findings from the LIMPRINT research, an international study, which included Ireland through the NLFI, looking at the prevalence and impact of chronic oedema.

It was great that some members of NLFIhad the opportunity to meet with Christine Moffatt, to discuss the ongoing role of the NLFI within the model of care for lymphoedema management in Ireland and ongoing plans for continued involvement in lymphoedema research.

Pictured L-R 

Ms Kay Morris, MISCP, MScHCM, Project Manager HSE Lymphoedema Working Group, Dr Mary-Paula Colgan, Consultant Vascular Physician, St James Hospital, Dublin, Prof Christine Moffatt, Co-Chair International Lymphoedema Framework, Ms Elaine Slattery, Lymphoedema Therapist, Galway, Ms Norah Kyne, MISCP, Lymphoedema Therapist, Strive Clinic, Galway

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