ILF Chronic Oedema Research Study

The National Lymphoedema Framework of Ireland, (NLFI) is supporting the International Lymphoedema Framework, (ILF), in a survey to facilitate a common international way of defining issues around lymphoedema and chronic oedema, through standardisation and robust validation of outcome measurement within these conditions.

This survey aims, through partnership with stakeholders in the participating national frameworks, to obtain the views on the complex issues chronic oedema/lymphoedema presents.

The NLFI has been invited to join the project and to distribute the survey to a wide group of stakeholders within Ireland.

The survey aims to provide both an opportunity for a national profile for Ireland to be created, in addition to collation of the international issues. The combined aspects of the project will contribute to an international strategy for outcome development with the partners, with the hope this can drive improvements in all aspects of oedema treatment and reimbursement.

Please visit this link to complete the survey: 

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