NLFI Education Day 2019

Report on the NLFI Children and Adult Education Day October 19th 2019

The NLFI hosted a 2nd very successful education day on 19th October last in the Hotel Minella, Clonmel, Co Tipperary.

Children and adults were invited to the event, and 9 children and 34 adults with lymphoedema attended, together with family members and carers. Including health care professional attendees, there was a total number of around 80 participants.

The event was generously supported by our partners in industry with excellent information and displays of various compression options from the companies on the day.  Royale Distributing, Fannins, Healthcare 21, Neiman Trading and 3M attended with informative and assorted displays of products to discuss with attendees. Haddenham Healthcare donated a supply of “The Big Book of Lymphoedema” for presentation to the children, which was really well received. One of our long time supporters, compression therapy company Jobksin, were unable to attend due to illness.

The first event of the day involved a plenary session which included the children and adults, followed by parallel workshops, specifically tailored for the different age groups. The programme for each session included educational presentations by our committed and enthusiastic medical and therapist members, demonstrations of self-bandaging techniques, and tips on physical activity. The aim of all these sessions was to provide the attendees with the skills to facilitate independent management of their lymphoedema.

Guest speakers included Dr. Mary Paula Colgan, Vascular Consultant, who gave an excellent presentation on new research in her presentation “Lymphoedema, What’s new in the Literature”. Also presenting was Dr. Mary Costello, PhD and Clinical Nurse Specialist in Tissue Viability, who spoke about “Compression Therapy” and “The Assessment and Management of Cellulitis in Lymphoedema”. All of the guest presentations were very well received.

Informal feedback on the day was really positive, and the committee asked attendees to complete evaluation forms. Evaluations really help the committee to plan for future events. Overall 92% of participants reported they were “very satisfied” with the education elements of the day. The committee would like to thank all the attendees, their families and all of our wonderful volunteers who help in so many ways to make these days run smoothly.

Please have a look through the gallery of photos from the day below

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, plans for events in 2020 are currently on hold, but we will keep you updated on any changes via our website and social media channels should things change.

Please stay safe, keep moving and don’t forget to wash your hands! 

Best Wishes

Committee of the National Lymphoedema Framework Ireland