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A huge thank-you to the Ballyboys November 2016 Hair Challenge who donated €1,950 to the National Lymphoedema Framework Ireland







Corporate Sponsors

NLFI is proud to have the following companies as sponsors:

Aquilant Medical
Aquilant are proud to represent the L&R range of Compression Therapy products in Ireland. The range comprises of Wound Debridement, Wound Dressings, Compression Bandages and Compression Hosiery.Our team have been supporting Clinicians and Patients since 2007. We take pride in being able to offer a complete compression solution to patients, providing evidence based compression range and cost effective solutions. Aquilant’s experienced Wound Care team, made up of Nurses and Commercial staff provide education and advice throughout Ireland.Our products are designed to work together to assist in the improvement of clinical outcomes and quality of life for the patient. Aquilant in partnership with L&R (formerly known as Activa Healthcare) advocates a simple and systematic approach to efficient and effective wound care. It’s a 3 Stage Process: ‘Assess’ the wound and surrounding skin, ‘Dress’ with an appropriate dressing and ‘Compress’ from our range of compression products.
bellisima logo Bellisima
Here at Bellisima, we offer a caring and professional fitting service to any woman who has undergone Beast Surgery for Breast Cancer. All fittings are carried out by expertly trained Nurses who have over 20 years combined experience.At Bellisima we feel it is vital to see, handle and try on a product in order to achieve the greatest comfort and best possible fit. With this in mind we source products from around the world to give you the greatest choice. Our nurses are committed to providing each woman with what is best for her, her style, her fit, her colour, her choice. We ensure that we are continually updating our knowledge and always have the most up to date products available for you to try.With our years of experience, we have met many hundreds of women who have undergone Breast Surgery. We have listened to, seen and helped them with their difficulties, so, regardless of whether you have had full or partial surgery, we are confident that we have solutions to help you to regain your shape.
Healthcare 21 Healthcare 21
Healthcare 21 are delighted to announce our new exclusive partnership for the BSN Medical Lymphology range in Ireland. Healthcare 21 is an Irish company, established by Cork entrepreneur Owen Curtin in 2003. It is now one of Europe’s largest privately owned healthcare Groups, with operations in the UK and recent expansion into Germany and Austria.
At Healthcare 21, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative and expert solutions to those with Lymphodema, through the BSN Medical range of compression garments and bandages. BSN Medical is a world leader in this field and together we look forward to combining our knowledge to further enhance patient care and improve patient outcomes.
PhysioPod UK Ltd
DEEP OSCILLATION® is an internationally patented, proven technology (8 PubMed studies) based on the effects of creating an electrostatic field in the tissue of the patient. The special structure of DEEP OSCILLATION® allows the creation of biologically effective oscillations in the treated tissue using electrostatic attraction and friction. In contrast to other therapies, the pleasant, gentle oscillations act deeply on the tissues of the body from the epidermis down through the conjunctive and adipose layers and into the muscles. Immediate application is possible following injury and from day one post operatively. The gentle nature of DEEP OSCILLATION® also reduces pressure on the skilled hands of the Practitioner, pressure is not required to permeate an 8cm depth and it is very effective for stubborn fibrosis.
Lymphoedema, Lipoedema, Lipo-Lymphoedema & Chronic Oedema sufferers are now able to self-manage with the personal unit at home/abroad following a successful treatment outcome with an MLD DLT Practitioner http://www.physiopod.co.uk/manual-lymphatic-drainage-therapists.shtml via the handheld applicators. Partners/supportive others can also get involved with treatment via the gloved hands approach following guidance from an MLD DLT Practitioner. The personal unit makes an ideal household investment for other sporting and occupational injuries and conditions such as arthritis, pain and fibromyalgia.
Royale Distributing Agency are a family business supplying garments to Irish patients for over forty years.
We proudly distribute on behalf of Medi an international company with over 65 years of experience in the field of manufacturing both elastic and inelastic compression garments which are completely free of negative side effects for the treatment of Lymphatic and Venous conditions. As a manufacturer of medical products, Medi has a high awareness of quality. All compression stockings and garments are regularly examined and rated in accordance to strict standards by independent test centres for any toxic substances potentially damaging to human health and product and system certificates ensure that all legal and medical requirements are met. Medi produces products second to none, Royale delivers their promise providing expertise to the person who matters most the patient.
SerraNova is the only independent Irish Lymphedema Garment supplier. SerraNova offers a full range of garments for Lymphedema clients. We source our products from leaders in the Lymphedema field internationally from Germany, Italy, the UK and the USA.Our compression garments include daytime and night garments. We offer classes 1-4 in both readymade and custom made. SerraNova works with a full network of hospitals and healthcare professionals throughout Ireland.SerraNova can also assist you with HSE Medical Card funding where available (we do the work for you) and also advise on cover with Medical Insurance companies and Income Tax relief.
3M is redefining the practice of compression bandaging for Lymphoedema intensive therapy. Extensive research, design and testing led 3M scientists to develop 3M™ Coban™ 2 Compression System – a breakthrough in compression bandaging with the potential to change the practice of Lymphoedema intensive therapy.
3M™ Coban™ 2 Compression System materials were developed with unique stretch and cohesion properties to provide ideal compression and help patients overcome the challenges of wearing bandages during Lymphoedema intensive therapy.
The compression system comprises two thin layers proven to provide the stiffness required to generate sustained working pressures/low resting pressures to reduce oedema equally as well as traditional bandages, without the bulk. Coban™ 2 stays in place for improved wearability, unique interlocking layers cohere to each other, creating an inelastic sleeve that conforms to the limb and reduces the potential for bandage slippage and discomfort. Patients can more easily perform daily activities because the bandages are lightweight, flexible and facilitate mobility. Plus, as the layers are so thin, patients may wear regular footwear and clothing. The system is latex-free, hypoallergenic and non-irritating which helps to protect and maintain skin integrity. Coban™ 2 is also easy to apply and remove with no need for extra padding.


In October 2015, the National Lymphoedema Framework Ireland (NLFI), was created under the umbrealla of the International Lymphoedema Framework (ILF). The NLFI Steering Group’s focus is to engage with the appropriate members/stakeholders, government and health care organisations in order to develop a strategy for Lymphoedema Services in the Irish Republic. The aim is to promote and support the establishment of a clinical pathway for management of lymphoedema in the best interests of patient care.

This has potential for market development and expansion, as industry brings expertise to the field and should be an important stakeholder in this development. The strength of the NLFI is being built on strong collaboration with developing partnerships from other countries, national lymphoedema patient & therapist associations, industry supporters, grantors and funders, donors and individual volunteers whose support is essential to enable our long-term vision for lymphoedema patients in this country be realised.

This website is available to you as a vehicle to highlight your company should you wish to be active in contributing to this vision for lymphoedema management into the future. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please fill out the form below with your company information and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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