Terms of Reference

  1. To increase awareness by raising the profile of Lymphoedema within the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE), National Cancer Care Programmes (NCCP), and the Department of Health.
  2. To facilitate and/or contribute to better access to treatment for patients nationally.
  3. To promote and petition Government Services for equity of access to services.
  4. To help Healthcare Services to understand the real needs of patients and practitioners.
  5. To increase understanding of Lymphoedema and its management, by creating and/or contributing to the development of education programmes.
  6. To network through the ILF framework in order to establish supportive links and share knowledge.
  7. To promote and document Best Practice and contribute to the overall ILF dataset.
  8. To identify and map all Lymphoedema Practitioners nationally.
  9. To keep ILF informed of new developments and issues that may arise nationally.
  10. To carry out when appropriate the ILF Practice Survey.
  11. To promote and support initiatives whose goals are to improve national/regional/local management of Lymphoedema.