10th International Lymphoedema Framework Conference, Copenhagen

ILF Conference 2021

The first face to face conference in 2 years , the ILF 2021 Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark was an exciting place to be part of a comprehensive three day programme on lymphoedema and related topics. It co-hosted by the Danish Lymphoedema Framework in collaboration with the Danish Wound Healing Society.

The scientific committee included an impressive range of key opinion leaders and experts in a large field across disciplines such as lymphoedema, lipoedema, wound care, chronic oedema, genital lymphoedema, children, dermatology, surgery, imaging, psychology, wound care and more. Invitation to attend was taken up extensively by healthcare professionals, patients, researchers and as always a welcome opportunity to meet with innovations from industry. A specially dedicated Patient Day was included giving patients the opportunity to meet with experts in the field and pose their relative questions.

Best Poster Award was awarded to a Nordic patient collaboration from Sweden, Norway & Denmark who felt there was a real need for ‘patient driven support written in an easy to understand “plain” and empathetic language. This collaboration won them a significant grant from the Nordic Welfare Centre which was used to build a website to support their mission.
2nd Place went to Meadbh Mac Sweeney (NLFI member) for a 2 year research project funded by Breakthrough Cancer due to be be undertaken in Cork entitled “ The Value of Prospective Surveillance for those at risk of cancer-related Lymphoedema”( see photo).

A full day was also dedicated to the National Lymphoedema Frameworks meeting to share ideas and projects. These frameworks are non-profit organisations that work nationally to uphold the philosophy of the ILF. They are committed to putting patients at the heart of their activities, to collaborating in multidisciplinary partnerships between all stakeholders in their countries, and to supporting the mission of the ILF. There are frameworks present in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey, USA & Wales,