Where to find certified therapists both public and private?

Register of certified MLD therapists from the recognised teaching schools who have committed to being ‘re-certified’ biannually by attending a 2day hands on revision of the technique manual lymph drainage (MLD).

Access to the public HSE Specialist Lymphoedema Clinics will vary according to the individual locations.

PINC & STEEL Physiotherapists

Register of certified PINC & STEEL Physiotherapists who have completed Cancer Rehabilitation certification courses on best practice in cancer rehabilitation for all types of cancer.

As Exercise is essential for a healthy lymphatic system and in the management of Lymphoedema PINC & STEEL physiotherapists specialise in supervised exercise.

PINC & STEEL physiotherapists develop patient-specific programs with an appropriate starting point and progressions based on symptom response to minimize injury risk of the affected area.