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Lymphoedema Treatment Abroad

The HSE operates a Treatment Abroad Scheme (TAS) for people entitled to treatment in another EU/EEA member state for patients with severe disease and who are in need of highly specialised services. The TAS provides the cost of approved treatments in another EU/EEA member state or Switzerland. The scheme allows Irish consultants to refer a patient who is normally resident in Ireland for treatment in another EU member state or Switzerland, where the treatment in question meets certain criteria. Approval under the provisions of the TAS is automatically granted to lymphoedema patients that fall into the following categories, those that suffer from primary lymphoedema and paediatric lymphoedema cases. Also automatic approval is granted for access to micro surgery and liposuction in respect of all lymphoedema cases. The number of patients who had treatment for lymphoedema under the TAS together with details of expenditure for the years 2012-2017 is shown in Table 10.

The HSE also operates a Cross-Border Healthcare Directive (CBD), for people entitled to public patient healthcare in Ireland who want to avail of that healthcare in another EU/EEA member state. For patients seeking to access intensive programmes abroad for lymphoedema care, including intensive physiotherapy, lymph drainage and compression garments/bandages, may avail of such services under the CBD.

REF: HSE Model Of Care 2018