7th International Lymphoedema Framework Conference, Italy

The 7th International Lymhoedema Framework conference took place in the beautiful, ancient city of Syracusa, in Sicily. The scientific programme included keynote lectures, free paper sessions, industry symposia and posters. International speakers presented research on many aspects of lymphoedema which were organised broadly under the themes of, updates in manual lymphatic drainage and compression, surgical intervention, the impact of genetics in primary lymphoedema, children’s lymphoedema and lipoedema. Presentations also included patient feedback on how diverse information from health care professionals to people at risk of developing lymphoedema, impacted on their well-being and psychology. The National Lymphoedema Framework of Ireland is proud to acknowledge the inclusion of Monica Conway, NLFI committee member, in this international group of speakers, who presented her Masters degree research findings on Professional Education on Breast – Cancer-Related Lymphoedema and it’s relation to Patient Well-Being

Another major component of the conference was the presentation of the findings from the international LIMPRINT study. The National Lymphoedema Framework Ireland was delighted to be one of nine National Frameworks involved in this large study which analysed the impact and prevalence of chronic oedema in each country. It is hoped that the tools from this research can continue to be used for data collection to produce evidence based information to assist in highlighting the need to develop services for this condition.

As well as being informative, educational and an excellent environment for meeting international colleagues involved in the treatment of people with lymphoedema, the conference also highlights the level of work and dedication towards investigating and improving management of this condition.