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2021 – NLFI Position Statement on patient lymphoedema risk reduction

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2019 Education Day

2018 Children’s Camp

  • Participation in LIMPRINT research 2016.
  • Presented LIMPRINT poster ILF conference 2017.
  • First Childrens Camp October 2018.
  • Involvement in ILF- COM research study 2018.
  • ILF meeting on education, input on Lymphoedema Benchmark Statements (LEBS) 2018.
  • Poster submissions Childrens Camp and ILF-COM ILF conference 2019.
  • LIMPRINT articles published in Journal of Lymphatic Biology and Research 2019.
  • Genital Oedema Research 2019.
  • Combined Childrens Camp with parallel Adult self management day Oct 2019.
  • Collaboration with HSE, LI, ISCP, MLDIreland to produce information documents for management of lymphoedema during Covid-19 pandemic, June 2020.
  • Developed Position statement on patient lymphoedema risk reduction Jan 2021.
  • Participation in the Italian Phlebology/Lymphology web congress, Feb 2021.